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Why Use Oak Sleepers For Landscaping?

A great-looking garden is a source of joy and pride for any homeowner. However, not only does it provide the home with aesthetic appeal – it is also a place for entertaining and enjoying the company of friends and family. In addition in an increasingly stressful world, a well-landscaped garden can be a haven of solitude and recharging worn-out mental and physical batteries.

However, finding the right material for that special landscaping project can be a challenge. One of the best additions to any garden is Oak sleepers – and there are a variety of reasons for their popularity.

One of the reasons is that Oak sleepers are incredibly tough. This hardwood is highly resistant to decay and rot – especially important where high levels of moisture are present. It also is resistant to the attention of common garden pests.

It also ages beautifully. When exposed to rain it turns a wonderful deep brown and when high levels of sunlight are the norm it can age to have a silvery sheen. Green Oak sleepers also require no treatment and can last for many years. The high levels of natural tannins protect the Oak – and the lack of chemicals (which are commonly used to treat wood) mean that Oak sleepers are safe for gardens where pets and children are present.

Oak sleepers are generally available in a number of sizes and for this reason, are suitable for a variety of landscaping features. They can be used as edging around beds or grass verges. They also make a wonderful addition to paths where they provide a durable and non-slip surface, or when used as steps to reach elevated areas in the garden.

Oak sleepers can also be used for retaining walls (vertically or horizontally) and as an attractive addition to patio areas (and as flooring for decks). They are also perfect for the construction of patio furniture (and they are great when undertaking the patio furniture project as a DIY project). They are also the perfect solution to keeping soil in place when used as cladding for raised beds.

The water and rot-resistant nature of Oak also makes it the perfect material to use as edging on garden ponds – and many people even use then in cascading water features.

Oak sleepers are tough and versatile and add to the aesthetic appeal of any garden. They are perfect for landscaping DIY projects – and are widely available. For any homeowner who wants their garden to shine, Oak should be carefully considered.…